What is the routing number for First Bank Puerto Rico?

If you want to make a bank transfer – especially if it’s international – or maybe set up an automatic payment for one of your utility bills, you need the routing number of your bank. This series of digits functions as an ID in the financial system, which means that any bank that has it in its possession will know which bank or credit union the funds are coming from/going to. Did you open an account abroad and wonder what is the routing number of First Bank Puerto Rico? Well, you’re in luck! Here we tell you.

First Bank Puerto Rico routing number

What is First Bank?

This space will help us to disambiguate: First Bank is not the same as First Bank Puerto Rico.

First Bank is a bank with a long history in the United States. It was founded in 1906 in the state of Tennessee. Currently, it handles nearly 9,000 million dollars divided into assets and deposits from savers.

Within the First Bank catalog you will find a wide range of products and services, such as savings accounts, checking accounts, money market accounts, credit cards and mortgage loans. Today, First Bank has 82 branches in four states across the country: Alabama, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia.

Instead, First Bank Puerto Rico is a bank founded in the city of San Juan that today has offices in more than 22 Puerto Rican cities. Today, it also has branches in Florida and the Virgin Islands. Although it is still known as First Bank Puerto Rico, the truth is that it changed its name to First Federal in 1990.

What is the First Bank Puerto Rico routing number?

The First Bank Puerto Rico routing number is a unique series of digits – nine digits, to be exact – that will serve to identify the financial institution that has issued a particular check. With this number, users can also complete a transfer from one account to another.

Simply put, the routing number -also known as ABA- is a security mechanism that allows any bank or financial institution to determine the identity of a certain bank in the financial system.

Curious fact: The routing number was created in 1910 by the American Bankers Association. Hence it is also known as ABA number.

What do you need the First Bank Puerto Rico routing number for?

Typically, consumers need the routing number to make bank transfers or request payment from a supplier or customer abroad. But nevertheless, has many more uses for banks, users and credit unions:

  • Allows you to schedule automatic payments
  • Routing number facilitates ACH funds transfers
  • You can register with the IRS to receive payments (refunds)
  • ABA is used to issue, process, and track checks.
  • You can also register with SSA to receive SSDI and SSI contributions and benefits directly into a bank account

What is the routing number for First Bank Puerto Rico?

First Bank Puerto Rico’s routing number is 221571473. Remember that this number is different from the offices located in the United States. If you need the Routing Number of the other First Banks (in the USA), we leave it to you immediately:

  • Florida: 267089712
  • United States Virgin Islands: 221672851.

Note: Why doesn’t First Bank have as many routing numbers as Chase or Bank of America? Because it has few branches both in the country and in Puerto Rico.

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How to find the routing number on a check?

If you opened a checking account at a First Bank of Puerto Rico, you have a quick and easy way to find out the bank’s routing number. For it, take your checkbook, open it and examine any of the checks. In the bottom left corner, you’ll see a series of numbers:

  • The first nine digits will be the routing number
  • The next ten digits, your account number
  • The last four digits, the check number

How to find First Bank Puerto Rico’s routing number on an account statement?

If you have a statement of your checking account on hand, you will also be able to know the routing number. You can examine it physically or download a PDF. You will find it in the “account details” section.

Note: You can also find out your First Bank Puerto Rico routing number online. To do this, log in to digital banking and click on “information” or “account details”. You will then see your account number and also the ABA number.

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How to find First Bank Puerto Rico routing number by phone?

If you want to confirm the routing number you have but don’t have Internet, a check or a statement on hand, you can ask for the number directly at the customer service center. To do this, you will have to call the following number: 1-866-695-2511.

What other ways do I have to find out the routing number?

If you are looking for an extra way to get the routing number of First Bank Puerto Rico, visit the website of the Bank of America or the American Bankers Association.

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