What to do if your credit card was cloned?

Credit card cloning, also known as “skimming”, is a crime whose occurrence is increasing thanks to technological advances. The equipment needed to decrypt credit card data is small enough to fit in a pocket. Then, What to do if your credit card was cloned?

Yes they clone your credit card, It is very useful for you to know your rights and the tools that will help you save your money and your credit history.

What to do if your credit card was cloned? fraud alert

One of the mechanisms you should use to protect your cards is request a fraud alert. You carry out this management yourself before the three main credit agencies, which must attach an alert notification to your credit report to minimize possible fraud in the future.

You can contact the following phone numbers to request a fraud alert:

This will ensure that any future creditor who checks your credit with one of the listed agencies will see the fraud alert first.. Creditors will need to contact you for permission before extending credit in your name. In the event that you have not previously requested the fraud alert and you detect that your credit card was cloned, immediately call each of the three major credit bureaus to report the fact.

Electronic Funds Transfer Law

The cloning of credit cards is a fraud that is contemplated within the Law of Electronic Transfer of Funds, said law protects you from theft by decrypting the information contained in your cards.

By law, you have 60 days from the date of the first statement in which you detect an unauthorized transaction to make a fraud report. In any case, prevention is always a very useful tool to avoid fraud, therefore, stay alert and regularly review the transactions on your card statements, this will help protect you from any fraudulent transaction before approaching within 60 days.

Find fraudulent transactions

If you have detected that one of your cards has been cloned, check all the account statements you receive to identify fraudulent transactions..

Circle all of these transactions so you can keep track of them. Contact each creditor through the customer service department to dispute detected fraudulent transactions. The creditor will probably ask you to submit a written statement of dispute for all transactions you are reporting. Follow the instructions you receive from the creditor and send the statements by certified mail, return receipt requested.

make a police report

Call the police to file a fraud report. Provide all pertinent details about the crime, including any fraudulent transactions you’ve found on your credit card statements. After you receive a copy of the report, you may submit it to the credit bureaus in support of your fraud alert status application, if necessary..

FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Complaint

Go to the Federal Trade Commission website to complete an identity theft report form. By providing the FTC with this information, you can help investigators find patterns of criminal activity. Fill in all the fields of the complaint form, completing all the pages. Describe the entire situation carefully and in detail.

Keep alert

You know what to do if your credit card was cloned. Now, Continue to carefully monitor your credit card statements each month to keep a close track of every transaction. Your credit has suffered a violation, so you need to monitor your finances very carefully so that nothing escapes you.

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